Workers' Compensation and Circuit Court Civil Mediator

Valerie Marshall

We all know that litigation can be both costly and prolonged. My goal and the purpose of mediation is to assist all parties in reaching a mutually acceptable resolution of their legal dispute, reducing the cost and the duration of a lawsuit in a confidential and informal setting.

Because, over the course of my career, I have represented Claimants, Employers and Insurance Companies, I understand the interests of each party which allows me to effectively aid each side objectively.

My time is your time and I am willing to work with you for as little time or as long as it takes to reach a conclusion that all parties can agree upon, thus ending the litigation process without the necessity of going before a Judge or Hearing Officer.

Valerie A. Marshall has been a Central Florida attorney for over 30 years. In addition, she has been a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Court Civil Mediator since 1998. Read More >>